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We’re excited to share with you that our company is changing. Later this year, you’ll begin to see First Horizon, our new unified brand, in all of the places we serve you.

But that’s just the beginning of the story.

Throughout our rich history, our family of financial brands, including First Tennessee Bank, Capital Bank, FTB Advisors and FTN Financial, has been passionate about building customer relationships. And it’s that passion driving this change.

You want a financial institution that understands that your goals, like horizons, are uniquely personal. They are defined by your perspective. They track with your movements. And they are always relative to your line of sight.

The new name we’ve chosen is our signal to you that we have never been more committed to seeing you and your horizons for all of your distinctively individual possibilities and potential.

Over the course of the next few months, as we introduce our new look to you, we will also be working to create a more personalized customer experience. Whether you visit us online or in person, our promise is to deliver a different view of our financial service.

At First Horizon, we’re banking
built around your perspective.



Have questions about how our brand change will affect your account? Find answers to frequently asked questions here.


Has the bank been sold?

Absolutely not. This change is not the result of a merger or acquisition. We remain proudly independent and passionately committed to the communities we serve.

So, what exactly is changing?

The most visible change you see will be in the signage and branding at our locations and online. No matter where you do business with us across the Southeast, the brand will be First Horizon, rather than our current brand names: First Tennessee Bank, Capital Bank or FTB Advisors.

Will this change affect my account or change my banker?

Your day-to-day banking experience is not changing. Use Digital Banking, your accounts, account numbers, debit or credit cards and any automatic debits you have set up as you always have. (You may be asked to update your Mobile app or download a new version.) The new brand will also not impact your existing relationship with your banker.

When will this change occur?

We are beginning the process now. You will see communication about this transition throughout the summer. In the fall, we will launch marketing campaigns using the First Horizon brand. During this time, signage at our locations as well as our branding online will begin to reflect this change. You may also note a change in our credit bureau reporting name, which will change to FrstHrznBk at our launch.

Why are you making this change?

This brand change is the first step in a process of transformation that will equip us to adapt to your needs and fully reflect what you’ve told us you want in a financial institution. It also allows us to serve our customers across the Southeast with greater clarity and efficiency.

What else is involved in this transformation?

We are taking an in-depth look at every part of the experience we offer our customers. Whether we serve you online or in person, we want the people, technology and processes you encounter to do more than just make your life easier. We want them to value the unique way you want to live it out.

Why First Horizon?

The promise we are making with the name First Horizon is to see your financial future — your horizon — the way you do. To reach your horizon, you don’t need a financial institution to simply chart a course for you. You want one that will champion the potential that’s in you. Our commitment is to see you for who you are — your possibilities, your priorities — and to put that understanding into action to propel you on your path.

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